Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why Bill Belichick Will Never Win Another Ring

Every year there are predicted front runners in the NFL who end up having a good year. But, rarely are there teams who are contenders, that do well, every year. The Brady and Belichick Patriots are one of those teams. But, every year their hopeful season comes to an end just shy of a championship. Both Belichick and Brady are getting to the end of their careers. Their run is coming to an end and I don’t believe they will ever get that 4th ring they have been so close to.

When you look at the past Super Bowl champions they all have one thing in common, the drive and goal to win. That fire and emotion is what drives those teams to their goal of a ring. That drive is what brings the underdogs to go deep into the playoffs and finish unfathomable upsets. And it’s the ability of a team to keep that fire when they are no longer the underdogs that makes a dynasty. Every team that has won the big game had something to prove and the Patriots just don’t have that anymore.

The Patriots have become a dictatorship filled with no emotion or will. They just do what Belichick wants and have no fun or emotion. When one player becomes too popular they boot them. Don’t believe me? What ever happened to Randy Moss, Lawrence Maroney, or Benjarvus Green Ellis along with many more popular athletes? Why did Wes Welker get shut out of the Patriot offense at the beginning of last year? They were planning to do the same and get rid of him. They had contract issues and Welker was asking for too much. But, they found out they couldn't win without him and let him back into their offense. In Belichick's mind everyone is replaceable (besides Tom Brady) if they ask for too much money.When the Patriots get rid of all their playmakers not only does it send a message to the players it also makes them a worse team, giving them the inability to win a championship. Just because Tom Brady is on the Patriots, that doesn't mean they will automatically be a good team. In the early 2000’s when the Patriots were a dynasty they had a great defense and good weapons around Tom Brady. Now they have a bad defense and a constantly changing offense.

The Patriots are a team that will always win many games. They will enter the playoffs as a high seed and maybe even make the Super Bowl. But they will never win again because they don’t have that fire that will enable them to raise that Lombardi trophy once again. I know everyone is capable of change but with both Brady and Belichick's careers coming to a close, I don’t see change coming. 

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