Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Super Bowl Pick for the 2013 Season

Alright, the day we have all been waiting for. The biggest, most amazing day of the year, the Super Bowl. While the Bengals and the Packers aren't playing, my two picks at the beginning of the season, it’s going to be a great game. I have thought long and hard about who will win this game and I am not very confident in my pick because I really could see it going either way.  There is one thing I know for certain, in order to win each team needs a lot to go right.

How Seattle Will Win

I have said this before, I strongly believe in order to beat Peyton Manning you must hit him. If you get to Peyton Manning he will make mistakes, you HAVE to put pressure on him. If the Seahawks don’t, even the “Legion of Boom” will be picked apart by Peyton. But, when you do get pressure on him I could see Peyton Manning throwing up a couple of ducks for Richard Sherman. Another thing that must happen for Seattle to win is Russell Wilson must play well. Denver has a weak secondary that Wilson can definitely pick apart. Denver’s defense is definitely better in its front seven and if Wilson can avoid the rush I think he will find an open Golden Tate in the end zone.

How Denver Will Win

Peyton has to be Peyton. If he runs more of a West Coast Offense with quick passes mixed with Knowshon Moreno and Monte Ball I think he can beat the Seattle pass defense. If Peyton scores fast and often I do not believe that Russell Wilson can keep up with him. Wes Welker will be a big part of the offense today because Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas will be covered on the outside. So, Wes Welker has to have a good game.  Lastly the Broncos must stop the run. They have stopped Ryan Mathews and LeGarrette Blount in their last two playoff games, but this is BEASTMODE. I’m not sure how they will but to hoist that Lombardi Trophy he must be stopped at all costs.

My Pick 

Now there is one thing left for me to do, I have to pick the winner. I am going with Seattle. I feel like if Seattle can take Peyton Manning out of the game or even limit him the the Broncos are a far inferior team then Seattle without Marshawn Lynch. I believe it will be a great game and am looking forward to the game. Have fun at your parties and have a great Super Bowl Sunday.

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