Thursday, November 12, 2015

Week 10 Power Rankings 2015

1. Patriots                   +0 It's sad to see the Patriots lose Dion Lewis for the season because he was playing so good, but I don't think they will miss too much. The Patriots are still great and my number one team until proven wrong.

2. Bengals                  +0
The Bengals had a sound win against the Browns, but was anyone actually expecting them to lose? At 8-0 the Bengals look to be a the best they have been in a long time.

3. Cardinals                +1
Off the bye the Cardinals look to continue stringing off wins and get an NFC West title.

4. Panthers                 +1
The Panthers have proved the world wrong this season and with the defeat of the Packers this is a real team.

5. Broncos                  -2
Has the downfall begun? The question on everyone's mind was when the Broncos defense could carry the team and last week was the first indication they wouldn't. This is still a good team, but I wouldn't be surprised if a decline began to start and maybe even the Raiders took the division.

6. Packers                  -2
They are in a bit of a slump, but remember the Packers two loses the last two weeks were to the then undefeated Broncos and to the undefeated Panthers. Not to mention both loses were on the road. This is not an all time great Packer team, but a playoff team nonetheless and I would still put my money on them to win the NFC North.

7. Vikings                    +0
I really like the Vikings this year and they are a dark horse that I could definitely see making a playoff run. Mike Zimmer has fit into his head coach role nicely and the pieces around him are beginning to form. They had an impressive win last Sunday against the Rams and I expect them to have many more this season.

8. Jets                         +0
I like where this team is going and think the Jets are a quarterback away from being a contender. This year I think they are a wildcard team with an early exit. 

9. Rams                    +1 While that loss to the Vikings was a disappointment, especially they look to be two wildcard contenders, the Rams are still a good team Todd Gurley runs the offense and the defense is pretty good. Not to mention the beast known as Greg Zuerlein who made a 61 yard field goal on Sunday.

10. Seahawks             +1
With a bye and rest the Seahawks look to make a playoff push and I don't want to be the one to doubt them.
11. Falcons                  -2
Not going to lie the loss to the 49ers made me a little nervous, but I'm not going to sell my Falcons stock just yet. This is still a team with a great offense and a servicable defense. Do I think this is a Superbowl contender? No. But, I do think the Falcons are a Wildcard team with a bright future.

12. Steelers               +1
This is a good team with Ben Roethlisberger at the helm, but with Landry Jones at the helm? I'm not really sure. Beating the Raiders was a huge win for the Steelers and gives them a crucial Wild Card tiebreaker against the Raiders, but how far can this team go without Ben Roethlisberger? I don't think too far.

13. Raiders                  -1
This is still a good team despite a loss to the Steelers and while that win would have been huge for their playoff chances they are not even close to out of it.

14. Giants                   +0
The Giants had a solid win against the Buccaneers and are now sitting at a quiet 5-4. Look for them to give the Patriots a run for their money this Sunday and to compete and probably win the NFC East against the 4-4 Eagles.

15. Colts                     +1
A win against the Broncos was so promising. Finally it would be the Colts time. Then the news came out that Andrew Luck had a lacerated kidney and ever person in Indianapolis cried just a little bit. But, I still would put my money on the Colts to win the division in the weak AFC South so maybe the Colts can make a win with a fresh and rested Andrew Luck who should be back by then.

16. Bills                       +2
Impressive win against the Dolphins. That's all I can really say because the Bills have been very inconsistent and I have now idea what there outlook will be.

17. Saints                    -2
The Saints are such a disappointment because their offense is so good right now, but their defense is so bad. With a disappointing loss to the Titans the Saints look to be an average team with a far above average offense.

18. Dolphins                -1
In those first two games even Dan Campbell had me fooled, but the Dolphins look to be fading. I think they will continue to play solid, but will never be dominate like they were when Campbell first became interim head coach.

19. Eagles                  +2
I'm starting to come around on the Eagles and definitely think they have a chance to compete with the Giants in the NFC East.

20. Ravens                  +0
With Steve Smith out for the season i'm curious to see how the Ravens offense will play because if their offense struggles then this team will have nothing because their defense is bad.

21. Buccaneers          +2
While probably not a playoff team the Buccaneers have been impressing me and I think Jameis Winston is for real. I'm not really sure of the Buccaneers potential in the future because they have a few areas that need some serious cleanup, but they have potential.

22. Chiefs                  +0
Coming off of a bye and a two game win streak the Chiefs look to continue the streak with divisional opponents the next two games.

23. Browns                  -4
There is something missing with the Browns. Even with Josh McCown at the helm this team just feels incomplete. Maybe next year they will figure it out, but this team feels lost right now.

24. Bears                    +1
John Fox's Bears are looking interesting. They won't do anything this year, but I like the way Jay Cutler has been playing as of late. The Bears are an intriguing story that I am interested in seeing for the next few years.

25. Cowboys               -1
Tony Romo MVP 2015. Just like Peyton Manning in 2011 no one realized the value of Romo until he was gone. With Romo the Cowboys started 2-0 and since he was hurt they have lost six straight and even the return of the talented Dez Bryant hasn't helped.

26. Titans                    +3
Not only is Jameis showing some promise. Mariota played phenomenal against the Saints and while the Saints defense is abysmal it is still impressive. He is the real deal and if the Titans build around him this could be an interesting team.

27. Jaguars                +0
The Jaguars gave the Jets a run for their money and that is to be commemorated. Blake Bortles is starting to fill in his role as a possible franchise quarterback and overall the team is looking like they are figuring some stuff out. That being said they are 2-6 and this is probably not their year, even in the weak AFC South. The Jags have potential for next year, but not this year.

28. Redskins              +0
They put up a good fight against the Patriots for the first half and that is to be commended. But, getting commended doesn't get wins. This isn't a good team but they have some talent that another head coach might be able to get some wins with because Jay Gruden is not the answer. Maybe next year?

29. Chargers              -3
Once again the half the Chargers squad went down due to injury and the body count of the team is off the charts. That being said at one point the Bolts were up by 13 points to the Bears and let them come back. The injuries are a disappointment and it is sad to see Philip Rivers get no help, but the Chargers need to win games bottom line.

30. 49ers                     +2
Nice win by the 49ers and its good for the fans, but this is not a good team. The still talented Blaine Gabbert invigorated the 49ers and helped the team get some momentum for a game. That's it. The momentum will ware off next week when they lose to the Seahawks two weeks from now.

31. Lions                     -1
They are a big disappointment, but Stafford is not the problem and getting rid of him would make this lackluster team even worse. There are too few franchise players at the quarterback position and anyone who once threw for 5,038 yard and 41 touchdowns has the talent in my mind. Get him coaching help and you will see the results.

32. Texans                -1
This is a really weird season because there is no team that I truly feel is the worst so I guess I have to pick the Texans. One thing is for sure, they definitely aren't good. The Texans have a lot of issues, but this is definitely a soft pick for the worst team on my power rankings.

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