Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Preview

Super Bowl 50 is about to begin and needless to say all of America is ready to go. The match up between the Panthers and the Broncos is so fitting for the 50th Anniversary of the NFL's championship because it is such a great match up of great and iconic characters and two fascinating teams. I think this will be an incredibly close game and either team can win. That being said there is something special about this Bronco team and I have a feeling Peyton Manning and the Broncos will ride off into the sunset with a 24-21 win. That being said I could definitely see either team win and here is what they will need to do to make that happen.

The Broncos defense needs to establish dominance because if they don't this game will get out of hand. The only way the Broncos can win is if the Wade Phillip's defense keeps it close because I believe then the Panthers will start to panic. In order for the Broncos to win Von Miller and the defense needs to carry the team. As far as offense goes the Broncos need to establish a run game early and protect Peyton. The Broncos need to unleash the one-two punch of C.J. Anderson and Ronnie Hillman and they both need to have a good game. If the Broncos can get a run game going the pressure of the game is taken off of Peyton's shoulders. He will then be able to make easy passes and be the game manager, which has been the reason why the Broncos have won there past two games in the playoffs.
X Factor: C.J. Anderson and Ronnie Hillman one-two punch

The Panthers need to start fast and get ahead. I know this seems pretty easy for Cam and company to do considering the Panthers have a combined first half score of 55-7 in the playoffs this season, but the Broncos have the best defense in the NFL and maybe all-time. Not to mention they have had time to study the Panthers offense. If the Panthers come in cocky and let the Broncos defense throw them around then they could be in trouble. But, if Cam comes out hot like the Panthers have done before I don't see Peyton being able to catch up. Defensively the Panthers need to force Peyton to win the game. That means Luke Kuechly and the Panthers defense must stop the run even if that means leaving eight or more in the box. The reason why the Broncos offense has been so successful in these playoffs is because not a lot of pressure has been put on Peyton. Peyton hasn't had to put the game on his back and the Panthers need make him do that. 
X Factor: Luke Kuechly

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