Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 4 Power Rankings 2015

1. Patriots                   +0
The Patriots are 3-0 and blew out the Jaguars 51-17. Brady is playing the best football, maybe of his career, and Gronk continues his reign of dominance. No doubt, the Patriots are the best team in the NFL.

2. Packers                  +0
The Packers blew out a very good Chiefs team. Aaron Rodgers is the best in the business and has 10 TD passes thus far. The offense has weapons and the defense has some play makers. As usual the Packers are a force.

3. Cardinals                +0
While they haven't played a team of note through Week 3, they have dominated every game and, like Brady, Carson Palmer is playing the best football of his career. The defense is good and Larry Fitzgerald and Chris Johnson look like Pro Bowlers again. In Arians we trust.

4. Bengals                  +0
The Bengals first 3 wins have been against the surging Raiders, the Chargers and the Ravens. A.J. Green is a monster, Andy Dalton looks great, and Marvin Lewis is keeping the defense competitive as usual. The Bengals are better than usual and 3-0 in a division with the 0-3 Ravens, the now quarterback-less Steelers, and the non-competitive Browns. The division looks to be theirs.

5. Falcons                   +0
Dan Quinn is looking pretty good right now. Matt Ryan to Julio Jones has never been so potent, Devonta Freeman just came off the game of his life, and the Vic Beasley led pass rush doesn't look too bad. Not to mention, the once abysmal offensive line has only allowed 4 sacks.

6. Broncos                  +0
Despite Peyton Manning's obvious regression the Broncos keep winning games. Every week the team manages to defy all odds and just win. I need to stop counting them out because they keep proving me wrong.

7. Bills                         +1
Yes, the defense is dominant. Yes, Shady and Karlos Williams looks good. Yes, Rex Ryan has revitalized this team. But, that's not what I want to talk about. The Bills now have a quarterback. Tyrod Taylor is playing like Russell Wilson and looks like a "human highlight reel". In this league you can't do a lot without a quarterback and the extremely talented Bills roster now has their guy. I really like this team.

8. Seahawks               +1     
I said everyone needed to "R-E-L-A-X" and now that Kam Chancellor is back the Seahawks look like their old self. They were back to their defensive ways in their 26-0 shutout of the Bears and I expect them to continue their dominance. 

9. Vikings                    +3
The Chargers were stricken by injury and were not able to play a complete game. Nevertheless dominance is dominance and the Vikings were dominant. Not to mention, A.P. is back and with his running talent, Teddy Bridgewater's job just got a lot easier.

10. Chiefs                    -3    
The Chiefs two losses are to the undefeated Broncos and Packers, who are both top 6 in my power rankings. Jamaal Charles is a beast, Alex Smith can win games, and the defense has a boat load of talent. Not to mention, a wide receiver finally caught a TD.This team should be A-OK.

11. Panthers               +3 
The Panthers haven't beaten a good team yet so I am still in doubt. But, 3-0 is still undefeated. Similar to the Broncos I'm not going to count this team out. Not to mention, Cam Newton is playing pretty great right now. 

12. Cowboys               -2
Romo is still out and Dez is still out. But, the Cowboys aren't out. The Cowboys made it close against a very good Falcons team. They played a lot better than I thought they would and I think Brandon Weeden deserves more credit. Jason Garrett is an underrated coach who finally has his roster. The offensive line is phenomenal and when Romo and Dez come back I think the Cowboys will still be in the playoff hunt.

13. Colts                      -2
A close win over the Titans is worrying, but as long as the Colts have Andrew Luck they should be fine. In the easiest division in the NFL the Colts are on a pretty long leash as far as I'm concerned.

14. Steelers                 -1
Yes, they are without Ben Roethlisberger for a few weeks, but this team still has Antonio Brown and a pissed off Le'Veon Bell to lead the offense. Not to mention, Michael Vick isn't a bad option. They have a tough schedule over the next few weeks, but it is way too early to count out the still offensive powerhouse known as the Steelers. Like the Cowboys, they can stay in the hunt and have to wait far less time.

15. Jets                       +0
Like I said before, the Jets defense can't always play shutout football and when they don't Ryan Fitzpatrick can't win games by himself. That was on display last Sunday. Nevertheless, the Jets still have a good defense and that will win them games this season.

16. Ravens                 +1
I still have hope. Yes, they are 0-3 and that is never a good sign, but they were very competitive against a great Bengals team and I think they will definitely pick up a win and gain momentum against the Roethlisbergerless Steelers on Thursday night.

17. Chargers               -1
The Chargers are a lot better than their play against the Vikings last week. They were diminished by injuries and the Vikings played top notch football. Nevertheless, they were dominated and that is never a good sign, regardless of the circumstances. I am not worried about them just yet because this is a team filled with talent, but if a loss to the Browns came next week I definitely would be.

18. Lions                     +0
While 0-3, the Lions still have a talented roster and even though I am almost positive they will not make the playoffs, they are better than a lot of teams in the NFL. They can still win games.

19. Rams                    +0
The Rams couldn't score more than 12 points to beat a Steelers team in complete chaos without their star quarterback. That's enough of a reason to prove they aren't good enough to do anything in a division with the Seahawks and Cardinals.

20. Giants                    +1
The 1-2 Giants look the same as always. Their win over the Redskins didn't change my mind about them, it confirmed it. If they had lost to the Redskins I would be worried, but they were able to beat a bad Redskins team and didn't blow the lead. So, I still think the same of them. They haven't proven to me they can beat good teams yet.

21. Raiders                 +5
While I am not on the 2-1 Raiders bandwagon just yet, I am impressed. I think the Raiders found their quarterback in Derek Carr and love Amari Cooper's immense potential. In addition, Jack Del Rio is changing the attitude of this team and I think they could be interesting not this year but next. They need to win a lot more games in order for me to believe in them now.

22. Titans                    +3
The Titans have really surprised me this season and it all starts with Marcus Mariota. The NFL is a quarterback driven league and I believe the Titans have found their guy. During the draft process I was down on Mariota. I believed he didn't have franchise quarterback potential. Wow, was I wrong. I think Mariota is on the right track and as long as he continues on this path the Titans will be just fine. They will win some games this year, but look out for them next year.

23. Eagles                   +1
Ya they won. So What? My opinions aren't changing.Chip Kelly has lost all credibility with me and the Eagles need to win many many more games for me to become a believer.

24. Jaguars                  -1
I actually like this Jaguars team a lot. They have a lot of potential and might kick it up a notch in a week or two. But, wins are wins and they were destroyed by the Patriots. So, until those wins come they will stay pretty low on the power rankings.

25. Dolphins                 -5
After yet another loss, the Dolphins season is beginning to look pretty bleak and the seat of Joe Philbin is getting pretty toasty. He's just not a good leader, simple as that. It showed during the RIchie Incognito "Bully Scandal" and it is the reason why the Dolphins continue to struggle. Until he goes, there will be a lot of wasted talent in Miami.

26. 49ers                      -4
While I don't love Jim Tomsula, I don't hate this 49ers team. I am one of the few left who thinks Colin Kaepernick, with some serious coaching help, can be a franchise quarterback. I also think this team needs to rebuild and restock. There are some nice pieces in San Francisco but I don't know if Tomsula can put them together.

27. Texans                  +5
I ranked the Texans way too low last week. With a win against the Buccaneers they proved they are not the bottom of the barrel. With the return of Arian Foster very soon this team looks to be mediocre, but not terrible.

28. Buccaneers            -1
Jameis Winston doesn't look too bad. While the Buccaneers won't do anything this year, the Tampa faithful might have a bright future a year or two down the road. But, not this year.

29. Saints                    +2
The Saints lost a game without Drew Brees. Big whup! This is not a good team. But, I was a little too low on them last week so I bumped them up two spots. Big whup!

30. Browns                   -1
The Browns lost a very winnable game to the Raiders at home due to an interception on the final drive of the game. What a surprise! Josh McCown is not the quarterback to lead the Browns and he proved it on that drive and many others. Am I saying Johnny Football would have completed that drive and forced overtime? We'll never know. Would he have had a far better chance than McCown? Absolutely. This isn't some new revelation, check out my article from last week, "Why The Browns Should Start Johnny Manziel". It's not just me, the Browns players have had a change of heart also. Make the change Cleveland and give your team a chance.

31. Bears                      -1
The Bears season is over and they know it. The have already traded Jon Bostic and Jared Allen and we're not even a quarter of the way through the season. At this point, I don't know whats next for the Bears. Matt Forte could be next for all I know. The only thing I do know is that John Fox is in rebuilding mode and this will be yet another long season for the Bears.

32. Redskins                 -4
Going into the season this was my pick for the worst team in the NFL, but after a win against the Rams at home I was tricked into believing they still have a chance. After watching them get dominated by the so-so Giants I was brought back down to earth. This team is no good and it starts with their head coach. In what world do you start rookie Matt Jones over "Mr. Consistency" Alfred Morris? He is one of the few good players on that team. Starting Alfred Morris obviously wouldn't have won them the game, but leaving him out makes it even bigger mess.

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