Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why The Browns Should Start Johnny Manziel

I haven't always been the biggest fan of Johnny Manziel and that was never more apparent when I wrote "Why I am off the Johnny Manziel Bandwagon" which was my take on Manziel and why he wouldn't be successful in the NFL just before the 2014 draft. To summarize the article, I felt that his skills wouldn't translate to the NFL but, thought he had the potential to be a successful quarterback if he was willing to really work at it.

Over a year later he has become a better quarterback but, I still feel pretty much the same. Though I do recognize the work he has put in, especially after his two and a half month rehab stint, is a definite step in the right direction. Because of his hard work, I was happy to see him get his chance to play, during the past two games.

Even though he threw for a pedestrian 53.8 passing percentage, averaged 177 yards a game and fumbled 4 times during the two games, he is at least starting to show the potential of being a solid quarterback. After his 28-14 win over Marcus Mariota, and the "red hot" Titans, the public started to believe he had the ability to be a franchise quarterback. That is until 3 days later, when Josh McCown was named starter over Manziel, after being medically cleared from his week 1 concussion against the Jets.

While I respect head coach Mike Pettine's decision, who obviously knows far more about his team than I do, I feel he made a mistake to not give Johnny Manziel a real chance to start. The Browns should give their former 1st round pick draft a real shot to be the Browns quarterback so they truly know if he is bust. If they don't, the Browns will have prematurely given up on the 4th 1st round Cleveland quarterback since 1999. Manziel is young and still has a chance to be a decent quarterback, where as 13 year veteran Josh McCown has set his role set as an NFL Journeyman. So why not give the job to the player who is young enough to get better?

Not only does he deserve a real chance, Manziel is the better quarterback who was playing with momentum. Through his first two years Manziel has a 1-3 record when playing for the majority of the game. Josh McCown on the other hand had a 1-10 record quarterbacking the Buccaneers last year. Not to mention, he is a veteran quarterback who has reached his ceiling.

Comparatively not only is Johnny Manziel the better quarterback but, he is still young enough to get better. He deserves a chance to prove himself and unlike the last few Browns quarterback's, he actually capable of being good. While I don't think Johnny will ever be a franchise quarterback, he was definitely heading in the right path to be a solid one. I would understand benching him if there was a better more solid option but, that is not Josh McCown. I think benching Manziel is not only bad for him but, also bad for the Browns who actually have an opportunity to be solid at the quarterback position for the first time in many years.

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