Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week 5 Power Rankings 2015

1. Patriots                   +0
Post bye week nothing has changed. This is still the best team in the NFL, end of story.

2. Packers                  +0
While the Patriots are no doubt the NFL's best team, Tom Brady may not be the best quarterback. Not, only is Aaron Rodgers the best quarterback overall right now, but there is certainly a debate to be made that he is having the best season also. The Packers may not be number one, but the Aaron Rodgers led Packers are still a great number two.

3.  Bengals                 +1
The Bengals soundly beat a very good Chiefs team and Andy Dalton is looking like a stud. The Bengals have never looked better and they don't look to slow down. What they do in the playoffs is up for debate, but this team is certainly not slowing down for a while.

4. Falcons                  +1
I predicted the Falcons to go 12-4, before the season, and even I had them going 2-2 to start this season. No one saw this coming. Dan Quinn absolutely gets my vote for coach of the year thus far and I don't think the Falcons will regress anytime soon. 

5. Cardinals                -2
This is a really good team and probably better than number five on any power ranking. But,that being said they lost to a Rams team that was inferior to them in many ways. I still think they will win the division and the Bruce Arians led Cardinals still have a lot going for them

6. Broncos                 +0
Still this team finds a way to win games and I just don't get it, I really don't. This team is not as good as their play right now and eventually they will lose some of those close games, but they have proven they are a top 10 team, to this point, and they will stay until proven otherwise.

7. Seahawks              +1 
For all of you who say that Kam Chancellor is not a game changer and a big reason why the Seahawks went 0-2, you don't know football. He won them the game on Monday night and while K.J. Wright should have been called for a penalty, on that same play, it wasn't and sometimes refs miss plays. They are 2-2 and trending in the right direction. This team is still uber talented and they are definitely a top 10 team.

8. Panthers                +3 
Yes, they are 4-0, but I predicted them to go 4-0, before the season started, because all the teams they have played thus far are ranked 23 or lower on these power rankings. They have a really great defense and Cam Newton is playing very good despite not having a lot on offense, but they need to beat some good teams first before I consider them elite.

9. Bills                         -2  
I am not abandoning ship despite the loss to the inferior Giants and some odd words of wisdom from Rex Ryan, post game. This team still has a great defense and Greg Roman and Tyrod Taylor are making the offense very respectable. The Bills are a top 5 talent team and 2-2 doesn't scare me.

10. Chiefs                    +0
The Chiefs have lost their last three games, but they were all to teams in my top six. Despite the brutal schedule early on, the chiefs are still a very good team and have a couple of studs on both sides of the ball. Look for them to win big at home against the far lesser Bears this Sunday. 

11. Vikings                  -2
Finish! Finish! Finish! The Vikings did exactly the opposite last Sunday, when T.J. Ward stripped the ball from Teddy Bridgewater to stop the Viking's game winning drive with 35 seconds left. That game should have been theirs and the Vikings should have been be 3-1, but instead they rest at 2-2 going into their bye. Despite the loss, I still really like this team and AP is still a game changer. Do yourself a favor Minnesota and learn how to finish.

12. Colts                     +1
Somehow the struggling Colts pulled a win out against the Jagaurs, without Andrew Luck, and are now leading the division at 2-2. With Andrew Luck possibly back in the saddle, against the Texans, the Colts instantly become a better team than with an aged Matt Hasselbeck at the helm. Regardless if he plays or not, the Colts are a playoff team because with, or apparently without, Andrew Luck the Colts are still the best team in the weak AFC South.

13. Jets                       +2
This team is still nothing but a great defense. When the defense is dominating Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn't have to do a lot and only throws for 200 yards and a touchdown. When the defense isn't so hot, like against the Eagles, he throws for three interceptions.

14. Ravens                 +2
The Ravens always seem to find a way to get it done and they did just that against the Steelers. 1-3 is not a good way to start the season, but if anyone can get out of that hole and nab a wild card spot, it is John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco.

15. Rams                    +4
Todd Gurley is the real deal and he shut up all the doubters, including me, with 146 yards on 19 carries, coming off a torn ACL, and in his second NFL game. He is the reason why the Rams pulled off the impossible and beat the Cardinals. With him in the backfield this Rams team just got a lot better and I thoroughly believe they can now win some games. 

16. Chargers               +1
I said last week on my power rankings "if a loss to the Browns came next week I definitely would be (worried)". Good news is they won and with the return of Antonio Gates next week, off of suspension, and some injured players coming back, the Chargers look to be a team still in control of their own destiny. I have no idea what will happen to this wildly inconsistent team, but with a top quarterback like Philip Rivers at the helm there is always hope.

17. Cowboys               - 5
I thought that the Cowboys could manage without Romo and Dez, but I was very wrong. The Cowboys have been unfairly hit with the injury bug and it just may put them into a hole deep enough that they can't get out of and allow the Giants to take the division

18. Giants                    +2
In last week's power ranking I said "They (the Giants) haven't proven to me they can beat good teams yet." They then proceeded to go out and beat the Bills by double digits on the road. So while they did impress me, I am still not too high on this team. If they were in most other divisions there would be no way they could make the playoffs, but with the only other team in reach of the division being the crippled Dallas Cowboys, the G-men might just have a chance to take a playoff spot in a very weak division.

19. Steelers                  -5
Without Ben Roethlisberger the Steelers are not the same and they proved it last Thursday night against the Ravens. While Michael Vick is proving to be a solid backup, he is just not enough. That being said, with Josh Scobee gone the Steelers may be able to make some field goals. I know Snoop Dogg agrees with me.

20.  Lions                     - 2
Nothing has changed, this team is still talented, but for whatever reason they are unable to win games. I don't really know why, but one thing I do know is that this is not a playoff team. 0-4 in the NFC North does not bode well for the Lions and they will most likely spend there January on the couch. Still they are talented and better than a lot of teams and for that reason 20 is a good place for them. 

21. Titans                     +1
Fresh off the bye Mariota and the Titans are trending in the right direction and I like them a lot. Look for them to gradually improve as the season goes along and the Titans will only get better.

22. Raiders                   -1
You wanna be a playoff team Oakland? Then you don't lose to the Bears by two. The loss last week only confirmed my opinion that the raiders are better than last year but no where close to playoff level. 

23. Jaguars                  +1
I can't decide who is having a worse season right now, ex-jags kicker Josh Scobee or current jags kicker Jason Myers. Both missed key kicks that would result in their teams losing in overtime. I would say the worst season belongs to Scobee because at least Myers is on a team right now. Jokes aside that game should have never gone into overtime in the first place because Blake Bortles should have put up more than 13 points and the Gus Bradly led defense should have held the 40 year old Matt Hasselbeck to less than 16 points. But, they are still more talented than a lot of other teams and in a weak division still have a fairly easy schedule that will provide them with a couple wins.

24. Saints                     +5
The Saints moved up five spots on my rankings for one reason and one reason only, they finally finished a game. Simple as that.

25. Dolphins                 +0
While firing Joe Philbin will help the Dolphins in the short term, they now have 12 games to fall in love with interim head coach Dan Campbell, who is not long term NFL head coach material. But, with the toxicity of Philbin gone, this talented roster can win some games. For the Dolphins sake I hope that they don't think those wins are because of Campbell.

26. Browns                   +4
The Browns are not a horrible team. They have a great offensive line, Josh McCown is a lot more competent that I originally thought, but Johnny "Football" should still get the start, and Mike Pettine is cooking up a decent defense. That being said they find ways to lose games whether it be Tramon Williams going offsides and allowing the chargers to re attempt, and make, a missed game wining field goal or Josh McCown throwing a game losing interception to Charles Woodson with 38 seconds left. No matter what it is, the classic Browns find a way to lose games. 

27. Buccaneers            +1
Jameis Winston will continue to get better as the season goes along and so will the Bucs. Not that much better, like 23 or 22 at the very best, but I digress. This is a team with hope and while many power rankings have them much lower, or dead last, I want to reward hope with the 26th spot on my power rankings. Your welcome Lovie Smith.

28. Bears                      +3
Jay Cutler is playing a lot better than he did last year and is the only thing holding this Bears team together. That being said this team isn't going anywhere this year. The Bears are still a mess and in a tough division, like the NFC North, don't stand a chance to have a winning record.

29. Eagles                     -6
Even I didn't think that the Eagles were capable of losing to the Redskins. But, Chip Kelly always finds a way to surprise me and last week he definitely did. Do yourself a favor Chip and go back to college. The NFL just isn't for you.

30. Texans                     -3
Last week I tried to be nice to the Texans and give them the benefit of the doubt and said "they are not the bottom of the barrel". I figured with Arain Foster coming back this team would, at least, become a respectable mediocre. Then, they let the Atlanta Falcons outscore them 42-0 through the 3rd quarter, before Atlanta benched their starters. J.J. Watt doesn't seem to be helping this defense too much.

31. Redskins                 +1
Yes, they beat the Eagles, so what? This team isn't good and I don't care that they beat one of the most dysfunctional teams in the league. They need to prove to me and everyone else by beating some good teams. And no, the cocky (the week after beating Seattle) and Todd Gurleyless Rams at home don't count.

32. 49ers                        -6
I'm not totally sure the 49ers are the worst team in the NFL, but I do know they are pretty bad. Jim Tomsula doesn't know how to lead this team, Colin Kaepernick has thrown for 227 yards the past two seasons, and the defense is averaging 27.5 points per game. Not to mention Colin Kaepernick, is confused and for some reason thinks he is Russell Wilson. Bottom line, this team has some talent, which is why I am remiss to put them last, but they are playing atrocious football.

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