Thursday, October 29, 2015

Week 8 Power Rankings 2015

1. Patriots                   +0
Every week it's the same thing. The Patriots win games, Brady is a beast and this is hands down the best team in the NFL as of now.

2. Packers                  +0
While this is the least talented team in my top five the Packers have Aaron Rodgers and are 6-0 so they stay at number two.

3.  Bengals                 +0
This may be the most talented team in the NFL and they have talent from top to bottom. Andy Dalton is playing the best football of his career and the Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard rushing attack is lethal. Not to mention A.J. Green is pretty good and they have a top 10 defense. 6-0 and looking good.

4. Broncos                  +0
They don't lose and have the best defense in the league. Peyton is no longer carrying this team and doesn't need to. While I don’t believe that this team can make a Superbowl run I’m starting to think a playoff berth may be in the cards.
5. Cardinals                +0
Don't kid yourself Bruce Arians is a phenomenal coach. Only he could coach a team where Carson Palmer, age 35, is an MVP candidate, Chris Johnson, age 30, is second in rushing yards, Larry Fitzgerald, age 32, and Dwight Freeney, age 35, is turning into a key positional pass rusher. On top of the aging players outperforming all expectations John Brown, Deone Bucannon, Tyrann Mathieu and Patrick Peterson are all turning into young stars, not to mention Patrick Peterson who is a star. In Arians we trust.

6. Panthers                +0
The Panthers proved me wrong. This team is for real and more importantly Cam Newton is for real. Cam is carrying this team and the defense isn't to bad either. Most importantly they win games and that's what gets you into the playoffs.

7. Falcons                   +0
While a three point win against the Mariota-less Titans is not something to be too proud of, but it is still a win. Wins are hard to come by in the NFL and 6-1 is a pretty impressive record. Not to mention they have the breakout star of the year, in Devonta Freeman, and a overall Falcons defense that has immensely improved. On top of it all the Dann Quinn Falcons haven’t hit their ceiling like the Broncos have.

8. Jets                        +1
The Jets made the Patriots look mortal and there is something to be said about that. They are playing great football right now and despite their loss they look really good. I was wrong about this team. They definitely have playoff potential and I really like the way the Jets are playing football right now.

9. Vikings                   -1
Teddy Bridgewater is developing into a franchise quarterback and the players around him are developing as well. The Vikings have a lot of good pieces and it's getting them wins. 4-2 is a pretty good record and I think the Mike Zimmer lead Vikings will continue to improve and impress.

10. Seahawks             +1
This is still a good team and with the solid beating of the 49ers they show it. Are they as good as teams of past? No, but they are still good and I think they are a wildcard team.

11. Rams                   +2
Todd Gurley is a monster. That's all I wanted to say.

12. Steelers               -2
While they did lose the inferior Chiefs, which is never good, Ben Roethlisberger is coming back soon. When he returns to the Steelers high powered Le'Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, and Martavis Bryant lead offense, the Steelers will get right back on track.

13. Giants                   +2
Another nice win by the Giants and with the return of JPP this team may have enough to steal an NFC East division title and make the playoffs.

14. Raiders                 +3
The Raiders dominated the Chargers in an impressive road win and Amari Cooper is already starting to look like a star. Reggie McKenzie has drafted well the past few years and for once in a long time the Raiders outlook for the future is pretty solid. While I don’t think the Raiders have what it takes to be a playoff team this year, look to them to be a serious playoff contender in the next few years.

15.  Colts                     -1
It's a pity to see this team play so poorly because I honestly thought this team had a lot of talent lead by star Andrew Luck. But, in reality this is a team that is largely filled with veterans past their prime and guys in the trenches who aren’t very good. I am starting to hop off the Colts bandwagon and it's sad to see such a waste of a talented quarterback.

16. Dolphins                +4
Over the past two weeks the Dolphins have dominated teams and Dan Campbell has given this team life. While I am not sold on Campbell, because the extremely talented Dolphins team beat two of the worst teams in the NFL (The Titans and the Texans), it's hard to dominate in the NFL and near impossible to do it twice as an interim coach. While I'm not sold on Dan Campbell one thing is for sure, Joe Philbin wasted this teams immense talent.

17. Bills                       -3
Is Rex Ryan losing his team? I don't know, but the Bills are not playing well right now, that is for sure. With their disappointing loss to the Jaguars I am starting to doubt this team and I think America is too.  

18. Chargers              -2
It doesn't matter that Philip Rivers on pace to break the single season passing record when this team is dominated by the Raiders at home. They played pathetic and don't let the 37-29 score fool you they were dominated by the Raiders and until they start winning games this team will continue to fall.

19. Browns                -1
With Josh McCown hurt, Johnny Manziel may need to play and after being proven wrong by McCowns impressive play I don't think that will help the team. With Josh McCown at the helm the Browns can be competitive, but with Johnny Football I think they drop below far average.

20. Cowboys              -1
The Cowboys can only hope that Tony Romo returns ASAP because otherwise the Cowboys have no chance at making the playoffs.  

21. Ravens                  +1
Yes they are 1-6 and yes they need to win games to be considered good, but they haven't lost a game by more than 8 points this entire season and most of the teams they have played are pretty good. Bengals, Broncos, Cardinals are just a few of the teams they have lost to. I'm not making excuses for them and they need to win games, but they aren't the bottom 10 in this league.

22. Eagles                  -1
While I still hold true to my belief that Chip Kelly and the Eagles will not work out, the Eagles are turning into an interesting team that might be able to make a run if only they had a quarterback who didn't actively sabotage the team. If only they were able to get a solid game manager like Nick Foles.

23. Titans                    +0
They played pretty well against the Falcons and the team is playing decent, even without Marcus Mariota. Like the Ravens, almost every game has been close for the Titans and that deserves to be commended.

24. Saints                     +3
The Saints had an impressive win against the Colts and while the Colts aren't as good as a lot of people thought the Saints played well. While I don't think it will happen, the Saints are 3-1 in the last four games and might start rattling off some more wins.

25. Bears                    -1
The Bears were on bye last week and I have nothing to really say about them.

26. Chiefs                      +2
Solid win, but Jamaal Charles is still out for the season and Alex Smith can't carry a team. A 2-5 record reflects their play and so does number 26 on my power rankings.

27. Jaguars                    +4
I have been a fan of the Jaguars all season and it has burned me more than once in my picks, but Blake Bortles is playing great and the team is starting to come together. I like the Jaguars better than number 26, but their losses to much worse teams than them beg to differ.

28. Lions                      -2
The Lions are yet another disappointing team with a lot of talent. I really like this team on paper, but every week they under perform. Maybe they can win some games and end the season with a respectable record, but at this point I doubt it.

29. Redskins                  +4
Great comeback by Kirk Cousins and the Redskins. Even though I don't like Jay Gruden as a head coach and don’t think this team will really do anything special this season Kirk Cousins may be for real. He play some phenomenal football and give the Redskins the stable solid quarterback the RGIII never was. If they had a better coach the Redskins might actually be a good team. Nonetheless I think this team is better than I thought, but who really knows anymore.

30. Buccaneers              -3
When you let the Redskins come back from down 24 points you are not a good team. Jameis Winston still looks good and is improving weekly and Doug Martin is a top five back, but this team is still far away from being competitive in a division with the Panthers, Falcons, and the interesting Saints. Personally I would keep Dirk Koetter because he is doing some good things, but fire Lovie Smith and start over at the head coaching position. Allowing a 24 point comeback is not the sign of a well coached team.

31. 49ers                       -1
The 49ers struggled as always. They look bad as usual and if it weren't for the Texans the 49ers would be last. They aren't a good team.

32. Texans                    -3
Wow, the Dolphins embarrassed the the Texans. 41-0 at the half. Just soak that in. Not to mention Bill O'Brien thought it would be a great idea to try to comeback from that deficit instead of pulling his starters and now Arian Foster is out for the season with a torn achilles. Nothing about their loss looked good and the rest of their season doesn't look much better.

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