Sunday, January 24, 2016

Story Lines for the Championship Round of the Playoffs

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots
Will Brady vs. Manning 17 be the final game between the two legends?
Will this be Peyton's final game?
Can Peyton step it up in possibly his final game?
Can the Patriots struggling o-line handle the Broncos lethal pass-rush?
Can the Patriots pass rush beat a struggling Broncos o-line and get to a very immobile Peyton Manning?
Do the Broncos running backs have more rushing attempts then Peyton Manning has passing attempts?

Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers
Who plays better in the first ever playoff game between Heisman winning quarterbacks?
Who does Josh Norman cover?
Can the Cardinals smaller linebackers handle the Panthers power run game?
Does this turn into a offensive dominated game or a defensive one?
How snowy will the game get?

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