Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bold Predictions Season Review 2013

If you remember at the beginning of the season I made a few bold predictions and actually did OK, going 2-3.

Drew Brees will not lead the league in passing yards or touchdowns.
I was correct. Although he was second in both stats to Peyton Manning

Blaine Gabbert will not throw for more than 1,000 yards this season.
I was correct. He was benched after only a few games, to Chad Henne, and didn't throw for even 500 yards this season

A.J. Green will lead the NFL in receiving Touchdowns and yards.
I was incorrect. He was top 8 in both stats but not leading in either stat

Reggie Bush will have the most receiving touchdowns and yards of any running back in the NFL this year.
I was incorrect. He lead in neither stat.

Adrian Peterson will rush for 2,000 yards this year.
I was incorrect. He didn’t even lead the NFL in rushing yards or break 1,500

Tom Brady will break Drew Brees record of 54 consecutive games with a touchdown pass.
I was Incorrect. He reached 52 2nd of all time but not Brees's 54

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