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Top 10 Quarterbacks of all time

Hey guys with the Divisonal Playoffs underway I figured that I would start something new that I will be doing throughout the playoffs and the off season. I will make a top 10 all time list for every position set. And I thought I would unveil my first Quarterbacks.

1. Joe Montana
What can I say, Joe “cool” is amazing, he is hands down number one on my list. I believe that no team could ever beat his 1989 team. Of all of Montana’s amazing stats my favorite is that in four Super Bowls he went 4-0 had 1,142 yards, 11 td’s, with an average of a 68 completion percentage, a 127.8 passer rating and no interceptions. The hands down greatest QB of all time

2Tom Brady
He would also be number one on the greatest draft steals of all time taken in the sixth round with the 199th overall pick. He has been to five Super Bowls won 3 and holds the record for 17 playoff wins. Some of his other records include being the fastest QB to reach 100 wins, throwing 50 TD's (now second to Peyton Manning) in a season where he was the only QB of a team to go 16-0 in the regular season, and throwing for a completion percentage of 92.9, in the 2007 AFC divisional round, a record in the post season. Lastly after his team literally being gutted of all of its offensive talent this year, he still lead them to the playoffs and a 2nd seed.

3. Johnny Unitus
He was the “father” of Quarterbacks. Unitus was the first pioneer at the quarterback position, fathering the 2 minute offense, and becoming the first QB to throw for 30 TD’s in a season and 40,000 yards in his career. And to top it all off in an era were QB’s didn’t throw often his 32 touchdown passes in 1959 would have been tied  5th last year in a pass happy offensive driven NFL. Lastly in the first overtime game he introduced the first 2-minute offense in the “Greatest game of all time” the 1958 Championship game. 

4. Peyton Manning
In the only words I can think of he is the greatest regular season Quarterback of all time. He only passed for under 4,000 yards in a season twice and never under 25 passing touchdowns in a season. He is the image of a quarterback. His football knowledge is unmatched; he is “like having a coach on the field”. He is so good that when he did not play for his Colts in the 2011 season they went from 10-6 to 2-14. And after coming off 4 neck surgeries he still came back and was second in passer rating in the 2012 Season. And after this Season Breaking every single season QB record and leading his to team to yet another 1st seed its hard not to put him higher.

5. Brett Farve
The greatest goofball in NFL history hands down. What can I say I love his attitude and how he lives life. He always just had fun. He threw some of the greatest touchdowns in NFL history and made some off the dumbest turnovers that would appear on how not to be a quarterback video. He has thrown for the most touchdowns of all time but also the most interceptions, more than Johnny Unitus has thrown touchdowns. He also holds the record for most passing yards of all time; along with almost every other career passing record. He played a staggering 297 games played in a row, and my favorite stat, being only grandfather to ever play a game in the NFL.

 6. Dan Marino
The greatest to never win the big game, Dan Marino redefined what it meant to be a quarterback in the NFL. In 1984 he had the greatest season of a offensive player to that point and set the world on fire with 5,084 passing yards, 48 touchdowns, and a 108.9 passer rating. This broke almost every single season passing record in the NFL. No one had ever seen such a ridiculous display of quarterbacking. Despite being unstoppable in the regular season he was disappointing in the playoffs with an 8-10 record in the postseason and never winning a Super Bowl which is why most people don’t consider him to be a top 5 quarterback of all time. But he is top 3 in both all-time passing yards and touchdowns and owns number three and six on the single season passing touchdowns list.

7John Elway
Mr. “Captain Comeback”, John Elway has made a career in the fourth quarter with 35, 4th quarter comebacks and 46 game-winning drives. He was also known for his three Super Bowl losses (XXI, XXII, and XXIV) and didn't win a title until his 14th season in the league (XXXII). He then won Super Bowl XXXIII along with the Super Bowl MVP award. Elway was criticized for a long time because of his inability to win the big game even though he had a 13-6 playoff record proving he was clutch, just not in the Super Bowl.

8. Terry Bradshaw
When you win four Super Bowls (the same amount as Joe Montana) and two Super Bowl MVPs (The same as Tom Brady) you deserve to be on this list. He went 11-5 in the playoffs and never lost a Super Bowl. Also in a run dominated league his playoff stats weren’t that much worse than Tom Brady’s who played in a pass first league. Bradshaw had an overall 57 completion percentage, 201 yards, 1.57 touchdowns, and 1.3 interceptions per game with a passer rating of 83.0. Where Tom Brady has a 62 completion percentage, 247 yards, 1.75 touchdowns and 0.91 interceptions per game with a passer rating of 87.0. He had a great team and a great coach, which helped him a lot, but when it mattered most in the playoffs he stepped up with good stats and won. When he retired he was the third quarterback to reach 100 regular season wins and is currently 9th all time in wins.

 9. Otto Graham
Otto Graham is considered to be the greatest winner of all time with 7 pro titles in a 10 year career and played in 10 title games never missing a year. Otto was one of footballs first stars passing for unheard of yards and touchdowns. In Otto’s year with the most passing attempts (364 in 1952) he made just 29 less pass attempts then Russell Wilson (393) last year 60 years later in a now passing driven league.

10. Troy Aikman
wasn't sure who to put on this last spot Troy Aikman or Jim Kelly but here are my reasons why I chose Aikman. Number one Although Kelly went to four straight Super Bowls (but never won one) and Aikman went to only three (but won all three) Kelly’s last two Super Bowl losses were to Aikman (who won Super Bowl MVP against them in Super Bowl XXVII) and the Cowboys by a combined score of 82 to 30. Next Aikman had a 61.5 career completion percentage while Kelly’s was less with 60.1. Although Kelly did pass for 35,467 yards in his career which is 2,525 more yards than Aikman he had more attempts and played one less season which means that he passed more times in a season which is why his stats were slightly better overall then Aikman. Lastly even though Kelly’s stats were better he only went to 4 pro bowls while Aikman went to 6. They had very similar careers but Aikman was better in the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl invites, and accuracy.

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