Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Season end picks

This is my total score of picks compared to the ESPN guys. Sadly I was not even close to any of them, but it was my first year so next I will do better job. Also for some reason the ESPN guys ended up with one less game predicted then me (255) even though the NFL season has a total of 256 games.

Jaworski: 174-81
Joyner: 169-86
Schefter: 164-91
Carter: 164-91
Ditka: 163-91
Wickersham: 162-93
Jackson: 162-93
Schlereth: 161-94
Mortensen: 161-94
Hoge: 160-95
Johnson: 160-95
Golic: 158-97
Allen: 157-98
My new: 149-107
My original: 146-110 

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