Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Playoff Comparison of the 2013 Season

My Playoff Predictions from the beginning of the season

1st Texans 14-2
2nd Patriots 13-3
3rd Broncos 11-5
4th Bengals 9-7
5th Colts 9-7
6th Dolphins 9-7

1st Seahawks 13-3
2nd Packers 13-3
3rd Falcons 13-3
4th Redskins 9-7
5th 49ers 12-4
6th Vikings10-6

Wildcard round
Vikings at falcons: Falcons win
49ers at Redskins: 49ers win
Dolphins at Broncos: Broncos win
 Colts at Bengals: Bengals win

Divisional round
49ers at Seahawks: Seahawks win
Falcons at Packers: Packers win
Bengals at Texans: Bengals win
Broncos at Patriots: Patriots win

Conference championship
Packers at Seahawks: Packers win
Bengals at Patriots: Bengals win

Super Bowl

Packers vs. Bengals: Bengals win

Real Seeds

1st Broncos 13-3
2nd Patriots 12-4
3rd Bengals 11-5
4th Colts 11-5
5th Chiefs 11-5
6th Chargers 9-7

1st Seahawks 13-3
2nd Panthers 12-4
3rd Eagles 10-6
4th Packers 8-7-1
5th 49ers 12-4
6th Saints11-5

My New Playoff Predictions

Wildcard week
Chiefs at Colts: Colts win
Saints at Eagles: Eagles win
Chargers at Bengals: Bengals win
49ers at Packers: Packers win

Divisonal Round
Colts at Broncos: Colts win
Eagles at Panthers: Panthers win
Bengals at Patriots: Bengals win
Packers at Seahawks: Packers win

Championship Round
Colts at Bengals: Bengals win
Packers at Panthers: Packers win

Super Bowl 
Packers vs. Bengals: Bengals win

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