Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Opinion on every Playoff Team

My Opinion on every Playoff Team

The road to the Super Bowl goes through Seattle and while I don’t believe they will make the Super Bowl, this year they are the best team on paper and have, by far, the best home field advantage in the NFL.

They are the surprise of the year, Ron Rivera is top candidate for coach of the year, Cam Newton is finally mature, and they have the 2nd best defense in the league. They are a hot team and I believe they will go far in the playoffs.

Yes they have Peyton Manning, yes they have the record shattering best offense in the league, and possibly all time, but Peyton Manning is one of the least clutch players of all time, which is really bad for a QB. He chokes in BIG games and I Guarantee (yes I pulled a Namath) he will in the HUGE moment this year.

I have believed all year and still believe they are the team of destiny. I like their confidence going into the playoffs and what their home field advantage provides. I am still a believer.

I really like this Colt team, if the Bengals don’t go, they are my next pick for the Super Bowl. I really like Andrew Luck and I feel they are finding their identity as a team. I think they are underrated and a real dark horse.

They are a great team, with a great coach and great depth. But, I don’t like them in the playoffs this year. First of all, they lose their home field advantage, being a wildcard team, in one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL. Next against the superior level of play in the Playoffs I don’t think they, especially Alex Smith, can handle the teams that they lost to. All five of their loses are to teams that are in the playoffs. They were swept by 2 division teams, the Chargers and Broncos, who are both in the playoffs and are playing the Colts who dominated them in their previous match.

Let me begin by saying Tom Brady should be elected into the Hall of Fame right now with what he has done this season with NO weapons. But as I said in my first article ever they will not win the Super Bowl or even get close this season. I expect them to lose in the divisional round because they just don’t have the team to get it done.

Despite there many wins I think this is the worst Harbaugh coached 49er team. I am not saying they are a bad team, considering the level of talent on Harbaugh's former teams. But, still I don’t think they are good enough to beat the Packers in freezing Lambeau or the Seahawks or Panthers on the road.

I am not extremely confident in this Packer team. But, I strongly believe they will beat the 49ers in the wild card round and with Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb healthy I still believe they can make it to the Super Bowl.

This team needed a change. Andy Reid is a great coach, but the eagles needed a change. And the Chip Kelly and Nick Foles duo have given that to a interesting Eagles team. I think they are a good team with a lot a speed but I don’t think they are talented enough to go really deep in the playoffs.

They are the most difficult team to judge in the entire playoffs. They play up to their opponents when they are good. And play down to bad teams. But, the playoffs only have good teams, so from here on out I think they will play good football. The entire season they have never lost by more than 10 points and if they weren't playing my Super Bowl pick I might just call an upset.


They have never won a playoff game on the road in their team history and I don’t see them doing it any time soon. They have struggled going into the playoffs and are as cold as you can get. And since they have to play outside to get to a Super Bowl, in New York that will probably be played in a SNOW STORM. I give them the worst chance of winning it all.

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