Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top 10 Quarterbacks 25 and Under: Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck
Andrew luck is a natural leader who will put his body on the line for his team every day. He is so tough and never complains always trying to make himself better. His athleticism is surprising because he is thought as a pocket passer so it was surprising to see him run for 5 touchdowns this year. Along with his rushing ability he extends the play to get out of the pocket and then make the throw. He is an accurate passer with a quick release. Like many of the quarterbacks he can throw the deep ball with such great touch. Lastly his football IQ is so great and his development has only begun.
Andrew luck is a double edged sword because his only visible weakness is when he is under pressure. This happened a lot this year which caused him to force passes, try to escape and make his worst decisions resulting in interceptions and sacks. He tried to do too much instead of throwing the ball away. But on the other edge of the blade some of his best plays came from blitzes when he was able to escape and make some great throws.
Bottom line
Luck has just begun. The Colts will begin to build an offense around him and as he continues to push himself to be the best there is no telling where he will go. He is headed for great things and may find himself in Canton one day.

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