Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top 10 Quarterbacks 25 and Under: Cam Newton

Cam Newton
Cam Newton is a highlight waiting to happen. He is a duel threat quarterback who can juke you out truck you or just plain make you miss. At the same time he can throw a 70 yard bomb and hit his receiver for a touchdown. He was the leading rusher in both touchdowns and yards on his team this year. He is polarizing and because of his ability to do so much the opposing defense is forced to focus on him allowing his teammates to make plays. He can improvise and make big plays either with his feet or his incredibly strong arm.
Cam is immature and wants to be the only player on his team to make plays. He gets upset when things don’t go his way and is unwilling to accept blame. He spends more time on commercials then putting in the extra effort to be the best. He expects himself to be the best instead of improving and working at it. If you look at the elite quarterbacks they all have phenomenal work ethic, being first to come in and last to leave, I don’t believe Cam has that. While he is a stat king he needs to be able to make the plays when it really counts to get wins and be a playoff team.
Bottom line
Cam Newton is so talented and has so much upside. But, in order to become an elite player he needs to start acting like one. If he loses the selfishness and gains and elite work ethic he can be unstoppable but until then he will stay the same and eventually disintegrate into one of the greatest what ifs of all time.

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