Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top 10 Quarterbacks 25 and Under:Josh Freeman

Josh Freeman
Josh Freeman is very inconsistent, but when he is at his best it’s pretty amazing. He has true cannon for an arm. He is very accurate especially on deep and medium passes. He is also a mobile quarterback and when he takes off running he possesses great speed, and because he is a big man, power. He can throw from outside and inside the pocket. When he is inside the pocket he controls it moving around to extend the play and standing in to make the throw even if it means getting drilled. At his best he throws tight spirals with velocity as well as anyone in the league.
Like I said before he is inconstant one week he throws darts shredding defenses and playing touchdown for touchdown with some of the best QB’s in the league, the next he throws interception after interception and is destroyed by teams that are worse than his. He makes bad reads and throws into coverage. He can also be inaccurate missing wide open receivers. I doubt his leadership and football IQ. He is a true tale of two tapes.
Bottom line

Freeman has a lot of talent but I have a lot of questions about him. One game he is great the next he plays like an inexperienced rookie. I would like to see more consistency with him this upcoming season. I do not see him ending up having a truly great career. At best he is a solid starter for six or seven more years. The only reason why he was ranked above Jake Locker was because he is more consistent not because he has more potential.

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