Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top Quarterbacks 25 and Under: Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford
Matthew Stafford has the most arm talent of this group. He can and has made every throw on the field. He can throw with Peyton Manning Velocity and speed. Everyone thinks he is overrated because Megatron (Calvin Johnson) is such an amazing wide out. I am not taking anything away from Megatron and he is inhuman beast, who will one day get a bust in canton, but he wouldn’t make half of those catches if Stafford didn’t fit the ball in such tight windows. He is thought of as a pocket passer but he can run too. Some of his rushing touchdowns this season were pretty impressive outrunning some of the faster linebackers in the game. I knew Stafford was pretty good but after watching his tape I am a firm fan.
Earlier I said he has Peyton arm ability but what separates the two is that Stafford has a long way to go before he has Peyton mental ability. Most of Stafford's bad plays are from his mental lapses, not his physical ability, and his inability to read complicated defensive audibles and packages. He bites and makes the plays the defense wants him to throwing into coverage. I don’t’ put this all on him though if megatron wasn’t in that offense he might have the worst supporting cast in the NFL.
Bottom line
Matthew Stafford needs to improve on his mental ability to understand more complex defenses but, besides that I really like him. With the addition of Reggie Bush and an upgrade in the defense the lions are beginning to build around him. If he along with his team can make that next step things are looking bright for Detroit.

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