Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top 10 Quarterbacks 25 and Under:Jake Locker

Jake Locker
When I first watched Jake Locker’s game tape I was shocked by how skilled he was. I saw him make almost every throw I needed to see. He is athletic and can throw on the run. He can climb the pocket and throw a deep bomb down the field. Surprisingly he reminds me of Brett Farve. When he is on fire he can do everything and can make some of the most beautiful throws any quarterback can make.
He is highly inconsistent. He is not able to keep up with the scoring of top offenses and is not normally very clutch. He also lacks the football IQ that constantly confuses him when the defense disguises packages causing him to make rookie mistakes. This is a make or break year that will decide how his career goes. He is not even close to that next step and needs to work at every aspect of his game.
Bottom line
It is not very well known but Jake Locker is extremely talented and has the skills to become a star QB, which is why he made my list over Sam Bradford who made the NFL Networks list. He is not consistent at all but if he is able to develop immensely into a more consistent QB he has the chance to be one of the best quarterbacks on this list.

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