Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top 10 Quarterbacks 25 and Under: Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III
After watching RGIII’s tape it was confirmed to me how fast he is. He is a threat running the ball becoming the instant fastest player on the field. He will hurdle you, run through you, juke you, or just plain run past you. This forces the defense to focus on his running making it easier to pass. He is also tough not afraid to take the big hit to get a first down. It is rare to see a player in this much of the spotlight not be selfish, but he is a team player who is more mature than most NFL players. He has stepped into the leadership role in his team. The other far less talked about aspect of his game is that he can throw. He can throw from the pocket or on the run. My favorite part of his passing game is his deep ball because he can hit guys spot on 50 yards down the field. I had never pictured him as a deep ball guy more of a throw on the run short pass guy but, I was wrong. He is a playmaker
Simply put, he runs too much. He is relatively small for a running QB and cannot take the hits he took this season. This leads to injury such as his ACL and LCL tear. His biggest strength has become his kryptonite. If he can learn to become a better passer first and runner second I believe he will be fine but that’s not what everyone else wants. His running is spectacular and his rookie season was a highlight reel, something that we haven’t seen in a while, so the NFL and the Redskins want more.
Bottom line
This guy is a rare talent who can take control of the NFL. I don’t want him to take the run away, because that is what makes him special. But, just use his running less and avoid hits, by sliding or running out of bounds. He is a better passer the he is given credit so if he would use that more, There is no sealing to his success in the NFL.

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