Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top 10 Quarterbacks 25 and Under: Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson
No one saw this kid coming. I saw him at the Rose Bowl when he (The Wisconsin Badgers) lost to the Oregon Ducks and I thought he might have a decent NFL career. But neither I nor anyone else saw this coming when he took the league by storm. He has tremendous speed and elusiveness making even the best tacklers misses. He runs a lot less and takes a lot less hits then RGIII which will give him longevity in the NFL. But, he doesn’t throw away his running talent when he constantly uses his legs to navigate the pocket extending the play to make throws and when he sees a large opening takes off for the first down. His passing is very impressive with his throws while being rushed inside and outside the pocket. He can make any throw that is needed. He is a leader, a class act, and has taken control of his team and the city of Seattle.
I don’t see many issues in his game but there are still a few. He tries too hard to make plays holding on to the ball for too long trying to find an open wide out. Despite holding onto the ball for so long he will still miss open wide outs and will either make a bad play or get sacked. He also is privileged to have such an amazing team that sometimes he rides on them too much and when they don’t perform as well, neither will he. This is not a horrible thing but there will be games when you need to carry your team as a franchise QB. Along that same line on the road when the 12th man (the loudest and best home field advantage in the NFL) is not there his team struggled going 3-5 on the road. In his development he needs to learn not to rely on his fans to help them win
Bottom line
Russell has a lot of upside and maybe the most minor issues that need fixing of all of the QB’s on this list. He is mature, athletic, smart, and can make any throw you may need. I am looking forward to seeing how this guy will turn out and it should be a lot of fun.

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