Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Pick Comparisons to the ESPN Experts

This is a list in order of the best and worst records in predicting by the ESPN experts and I. I must say that I did a pretty good job considering that I improved a lot from last year and did better then a lot of payed professionals in the world of sports. If you want to see the actual ESPN page I got this off of click here.

Chris Carter: 179-76
Fans Pick’em:177-78
Tom Jackson: 177-78
Seth Wickersham: 176-85
KC Joyner: 175-80
Ron Jaworski:  175-80
My New Picks: 172-83
Eric Allen: 165-89
Adam Schefter: 164-91
Mark Schlereth: 164-91
Keyshawn Johnson: 163-92
My Original Picks: 162-93
Mike Golic: 160-95
Merril Hoge: 158-97
ChrisMortensen: 157-98
Mike Ditka: 153-102

My Picks score from 2013
My original picks: 146-110 
My new picks: 149-107

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