Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Take on Every Team Still Left in the Divisional Round of the 2015 Playoffs

I have Already made my predictions for the week here is my take on the Remaining 8 teams.

This is a good Patriots team, don't get me wrong, but I still am sticking with my gut that they will not win the Superbowl this year. My problem with them this year is that they don't have the weapons on offense. The entire Patriots offense is centered on Rob Gronkowski. Tom Brady is one of the best ever but he needs the Gronk to be successful on offense because he doesn't have the weapons. I don't believe the Ravens will stop Gronk and that is why the Pats will win. Some team will stop him and Julian Edelman isn't enough to pick up the slack..

Broncs: As long as Peyton Manning is on a team in the playoffs I don't give them any chance to win it all. As always Peyton has a very good team on his hands and I really want to commend John Elway for putting together a truly phenomenal roster. But when Peyton is playing in an emotional game against his former team and my Superbowl Picks I have to give it to the Colts. I do think it will be a really good game and a slug fest from these 2 Quarterbacks. Sorry Peyton, you are just not good in the playoffs.

I love this Colts team I really do and the win over the Bengals proved it to me. Not only did the offense do great but Chuck Pagano's defensive skills are starting to show with an impressive defense. Considering they are playing a revenge game against the Broncos from week 1 I am very confident they can win.This is a complete team with only an Achilles Heel in the run game. I am ride or die with this Colts team but more then that with Andrew Luck.

This is Joe Flacco's team and for this team to have a chance it's ride or die with him. I am actually a bigger Joe Flacco fan then most and was a big fan during his early playoff runs before the Superbowl win. That being said he seems like a different QB then he was before the Superbowl win and I don't have a good feeling about this game despite being very good against Brady. If they can beat the Patriots then I will start to believe that post Superbowl Joe Flacco can win another.

Will they beat the Panthers? I am almost positive they will, but I don't think they will do so hot for the rest of the playoffs. This team is riding high emotionally right now so every team is gunning for them which is never good and this is not the Seahawk team from last year. I do think that they will underestimate these teams and one will take advantage.  Do they have a chance? yes they do but I don't love them. I usually think number 1 seeds will win the Superbowl and this is no exception.

I just have a funny feeling about this Packers team that makes me think they can't win it all whether it is a not 100% Rodgers or the fact that they are not a great playoff team. They definitely can beat the Cowboys and even if they do the Seahawks would beat them despite it being a revenge game. The only way I think they make make the Superbowl is if they beat the Cowboys and somehow get to play the Panthers in the NFC Championship.

I am the exact opposite with the Cowboys compared to the Packers I have a really good feeling about this team. They are so talented on offense everywhere to the point where it reminds me of the 90's Cowboys and have a pretty good defense. I honestly believe that this is Tony Romo's year and if the Cowboys beat the Packers then they play in a winnable game in Seattle or by some chance at home against a sub par Panther team. Personally I would love to see a Cowboys vs. Seahawks part 2, but either way I like this team.

I have no faith in this team. They struggled at times against a Cardinals team that had half of their team hurt and are going to play the hottest team in the NFL, that is a recipe for Panthers loss. The only way they can win is if the Hawks underestimate them to the point of not trying and they bring an A game that is pretty good at hide and seek. Do they have a chance for an upset? I guess so but not for a Lombardi

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