Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl Preview

Tomorrow is the day we have all been waiting for Super Bowl XLIX. I am really excited for the game tomorrow because I do feel like the match up is good. While I don’t believe the game will be as close as everyone says I think that the game will be good I feel like the overall feel of the game will be similar to Super Bowl XLIV which the Saints beat the Colts 31-17. That game was incredibly close until the Saints pulled ahead in the 4th quarter. That being said I am confident the Seahawks will win tomorrow and mainly because of my very first article on NFLology Why Bill Belichick Will Never Win Another Ring. Because in my original article written in the summer of 2013 I said “The Patriots are a team that will always win many games. They will enter the playoffs as a high seed and maybe even make the Super Bowl. But they will never win again because they don’t have that fire that will enable them to raise that Lombardi trophy once again". For that reason I firmly stick to my guns on this and will pick the Seahawks.

That being said the Patriots can win this game and here is how.

I have said it the entire playoffs and will say it again you stop Gronk you beat the Patriots. If Rob Gronkowski has a great game the patriots may have a chance to win. I also want to see Legarrette Blount have a really good game, My main point for this game and the entire playoffs is if you can take some pressure off of Tom Brady he plays out of his mind. On the defense the Partiots need to make sure they can at least limit Marshawn Lynch because we all know you can’t stop the BEAST! If the Patriots have a good run game and can limit Lynch, Brady and Gronk can maybe do their magic and have a chance to win.

Now to talk about what I think will happen how the Seahawks will be the first team to win back to back super bowls since the Patriots themselves. Obviously the Legion of Boom needs to play well but mainly Cam Chancellor needs to play the best game of his life because he has to cover the manimal called Gronk.  That is the match up that I want to see because I truly think this match up will decide the game. I also think that Marshawn Lynch needs to destroy it in this game and if he does Russell Wilson can do his thing and wreck havoc on the Patriots secondary.

This is an interesting game because both Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis don’t need to have big games. Of course it helps but I really think this is a game that is won be the running game and the Gronk. I am excited for tomorrow and have a good feeling tomorrow will be better than last years Super Bowl.

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