Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Take On Every Playoff Team for the 2014-2015 season

As the title of my very first blog article "Why Bill Belichick Will Never Win Another Ring" states I don't think the Patriots will win the Super Bowl. As always this is a very good team, but these Bill Belichick teams always find a way to lose in the playoffs or Super Bowl because they just aren't good enough.

Just like Bill Belichick teams Peyton Manning teams are not very good in the playoffs and with father time finally wearing on Peyton I do not believe at all he will pull it off.

Steelers: The Steelers are a very interesting team and I do believe if they can pull of a Ravens win without the workhorse Le'Veon Bell they have a shot at a 7th championship if he can return for the divisional and grind through the playoffs.

Colts: This is my Super Bowl pick for this year so obviously I am very high on them. To begin Andrew Luck is absolutely phenomenal I do understand that he can be a on and off QB but when he is on I truly believe that no own in the League is better then him, And I truly believe this year the first of a few Super Bowls will be his. I am also impressed with a Colts defense that is improving under defensive guru Chuck Pagano. This is a good team and I am ready to see what they can do.

Bengals: The Bengals were my Super Bowl Pick last year and they failed me completely under an Andy Dalton who is 0-3 in the playoffs. They are playing my Super Bowl Picks the Colts in the Wild Card Round and are without their best player in A.J. Green. Sorry to the Bengal fans maybe next year.

Ravens; I honestly don't know what to do with the Ravens this year they are going to play their first playoffs without leader and future Hall of Famer Ray Lewis and Joe Flaco is more on and off then my TV. That being said I do think that they will beat the Steelers and who knows they could pull off another miraculous Super Bowl run.

Seahawks: The Defending Super Bowl Champions playing in the best home field in the NFL through out the playoffs almost all of me is screaming "repeat! repeat!" but something tells me no. I have a feeling that they will be upset in these playoffs because this, while a great team, is not the 2013 Seahawks and I think we will find that out soon.

Packers: This is a pretty good Packers team with all the usual suspects. I wouldn't be surprised to see them win a Super Bowl but have a feeling that Aaron Rodger may not be at 100% even after his week off. Mainly for that reason and the fact that I really feel this team is very special I don't think this will be the year for the cheese heads.

Cowboys: I honestly apologize to the entire Cowboys organization for doubting the Cowboys as much as I have the last few years but I do believe this may be their year. This offense is absolutely insane with the best offensive line in the NFL that blocks for the best running back in the NFL in the beast known as DeMarco Murray. Tony Romo may be the best QB in the NFL and Dez Bryant may be the best wide out in the NFL. Don't forget an underrated wide out in Terrance Williams and the always reliable tight end  Jason Witten. I love this team and have hopped on the bandwagon. The only reason I don't have them wining it all is that I love the Colts a bit more which is no fault to them.

Panthers:To blatantly put it this is a team with many holes in it and while this under .500 club was gifted a home game and probable win against they limping Cardinals they are not a very good team. I don't really see this team making it too far and if they do it will be from some incredible defense and Cam Newton really stepping up.

Cardinals: I honestly feel awful for this team and I really believed that if Carson Palmer hadn't gotten hurt this team would have a had a legitimate shot at winning it all especially because the Super Bowl is in Arizona this year. But this team has Ryan Lindley and a host of other injured play makers and I am sorry to say that even if this team finds a way to beat the Panthers the Packers or Seahawks would crush them. I honestly hope they do win one soon they deserve it but it wont be this year,

Lions: I really like the Lions and I do believe that Bobby Lanes curse will be broken by Matthew Stafford someday but not today. I do like this team and I honestly believe that if they can find a way to beat Dallas this team could make a run. With wrecker defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh now playing because of an overturned suspension the Lions have a chance. This team is my very very dark horse team.

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