Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Take on Every Team Still Left in the Conference Championship Round of the 2015 Playoffs and What They Need to do to Win

While I do have the patriots losing this game it is simple for them to win. Gronk needs to play out of his mind Gronk is the lifeblood of the offense and if he has a big game the patriots offense will be in it. On the defense Darrelle Revis and Chandler Jones are the key players. Revis needs to put T.Y Hilton on a one night beach vacation to Revis Island and shut him down for the game. Chandler Jones on the other hand needs to smack Luck to the ground. He got close to some monster hits on Joe Flacco last week, but this week he needs to finish the job because when you give Luck time in the pocket he makes some special things happen. Bottom line if the patriots can play their besty football today and get Andrew Luck to play at his worst then they have a chance.

In order for the Colts to win, like I think they will, Andrew Luck needs to play out of his mind. And in order to do that I think Reggie Wayne needs to have a big game. Because T.Y. Hilton will be on and off against Revis Island, Wayne needs to step up and use his experience to beat the patriots this week. If Reggie succeeds, Luck will succeed. Now in order to win on defense the Colts have to stop Gronk. I don't know how, but as I have said so many times if you stop Gronk you can beat Brady. If the Colts can do that they will book a ticket to Superbowl XLIX.

Its pretty simple for the hawks to win, Marshawn Lynch has to run the ball well and the Legion of boom needs to play well enough to handicap Aaron Rodgers more then he already is. If Lynch tears up the Packers defense Aaron Rodgers will have tough time fighting back. If they do this they can beat a Packers team whose best player is handicapped with a calf injury.

It is going to be hard to beat the best defense in the league in the best home field advantage in the league with your best player not at 100%. To be honest I don't know how the Packers can beat the Seahawks with a wounded Aaron Rodgers but if there is a will their is a way. First off Aaron Rodgers needs to play at his best for the entire game which I know will be a struggle considering his calf but in order to win he needs to do it. Because Aaron Rodgers will not be 100% Edddie Lacy possibly becomes the most important player in the game for the Packers and I see this game as a running back duel more then a QB duel. Eddie needs to match Marshawn Lynch run for run espically becauyse he needs to take a massive workload off of Rodgers. On the Defense I am looking to A.J Hawk and Julius attempt to Stop Beast Mode Mr. Marshawm Lynch because stoping him is the key to everning the playing field.

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