Friday, January 23, 2015

Why I am done with Deflate-Gate

On Monday I heard about the whole Deflate-Gate issue and it fired me up, the Colts were my Superbowl pick and I wanted an excuse for them getting blown out. To add on to that I am not a big Bill Belichick fan. I have major respect for how dominant his teams have been the past 15 years, but with past cheating like the Spy gate and the way he treats his players with no dignity by trading and cutting them, completely out of nowhere and with no respect, for some "strategic reason". I understand the NFL is a business and do what you need to do to win, but have some some class. These are real people not disposable cogs in a machine like you are playing a Madden Franchise. But after putting my personal feelings aside I began to realize the insanity this story has become.

My first Inclination that the Deflate-Gate had gone too far was when my Bleacher Report app sent me a notification and told me that Tom Brady saying he had nothing to do with the deflated balls was Breaking News. I love Bleacher Report but that was stooping pretty low. This story has become so big and senseless that Tom Brady saying what everyone expected him to say became BREAKING NEWS!!! 

This is not breaking news I understand that the media loves to have a story in the 2 weeks before the Superbowl, but why is CNN having a major segment on this! I am the first guy to say I wish more people payed attention to the NFL and how great of a sport it is but CNN should be talking about world events not a stupid deflation of footballs. 

What was truly the final straw for me today was that I found out the deflated balls were only used in the first half. This was when the Patriots were up 17-7. In the second half where the Patriots dominated the Colts shutting them out and scoring 28 unanswered points to slaughter them the normal balls were used. If the Patriots were cheating they did a really bad job of it because the Colts played better when they were cheating then when they weren't. 

My point is I understand why this is a big story and people love to hate the Patriots because of their success and cheating in the past. I fault no one for making this as big as it is but I think it is ridiculous. Yes if found out the Patriots should be punished but no more. While I may poke some fun at this story I am completely done talking about it unless there is real Breaking News.

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