Saturday, January 31, 2015

Senior Bowl Big Performers

I’m really sorry that it took me so long to come out with this but I have been really busy this week and it took me a while to really do my analysis. That being said it is out now and I hope all of my viewers enjoy.

Ali Marpet Hobart
Get used to his name because I have a really good feeling about this guy. Of all of the players on here he is the only offensive lineman because he is the only one that stood out to me. I am not usually judging the lineman as much as the skill players so for him to stand out is a big notion to me. After watching him and hearing Mike Mayock talk a bit about him I did some research and found out he is from Hobart A D3 school in Geneva New York. I not only am I rooting for him but I really think he can be the steal of the draft as an interior lineman.

Ameer Abdullah Nebraska
Of course I need to talk about the MVP. Abdullah played excellent and really showed to me that he should be considered a top Running Back in this class among a class that is absolutely stacked at Running Back this year.What I really enjoyed out of him was that he showed all of the scouts how good of a receiver he is which is very important especially in the pass first NFL offenses of today. he also was able to show his downhill running and ability to make guys miss

Nick Marshall Auburn
It’s crazy to think that less than a month ago Nick Marshall was playing QB for the Auburn Tigers and now he is a Cornerback trying to get drafted. He may have been the biggest shock for me because he held his own in a position that he hasn't played since 2011. I was really impressed by him and think he can be a dark horse pick later in the draft. Oh and he also led the Senior Bowl in solo tackles

Quinten Rollins Miami (Ohio)
Mike Mayock 100% keyed me off to this kid. He was a former Basketball player who has only played football for one year and as Mayock said and his interception showed was he has some great ball skills. This is another player who intrigued me and I really think that he could be the steal of the draft if he cleans up his technique which will come with time. Because there need to be more Cornerbacks with ball handling skills.

Nick Boyle Delaware
The first thing I thought when I saw Nick Boyle practicing for the Senior Bowl was Gronkowski. While I understand he probably won’t be that I have to stick with my gut at some point and while he is already a proven blocker I think he is an underrated pass catcher who can really be a Swiss Army Knife for a team. And who can forget his awesome hurdle in the Game.

Rannell Hall UCF
Talk about hands. This guy made some of the best catches of the Senior Bowl and he really put himself on the map for me. I don’t Know to much about him but I do know that people should watch for him. The NFL needs more good ball handling Cornerbacks

Cameron Artis-Payne Auburn
Talk about quick footed.he just made everyone miss. This is a very different back then a Abdullah but in a league where specialty players with speed thrive there is a place as a tailback for this kid.

David Johnson Northern Iowa
Like I have said a few times this is a year for a team that needs a running back and Johnson is a pure Halfback who can just run it down the throats of people. He was really impressive to me and there is a place for him in the Senior Bowl.

Hau’oli Kikaha Washington
A talented kid who showed off a bit at the Senior bowl he had a good performance and made some good tackles. What impresses me more is that he led the nation in sacks in college this year and that alone warrants a look. I need to look into him as a player but as of right now i am intrigued by him.

Danny Shelton Washington
Me and every other scout in america loves him as a defensive tackle and I agree. While he didn't show in the Senior Bowl as much as I would have liked he had a great week of practice and showed everyone that he is a top pick in this draft. He fills up lanes and dominates the trenches. He definitely fills the need for any team with a defensive tackle problem.

Carl Davis Iowa
While not as good as shelton this kid is a wrecking ball and he gave a beat down in the early part of the Senior Bowl making himself noticed and going wherever the ball was. He had a great week and really made use of his minutes.

Ben Koyack Notre Dame
Another Tight end who really impressed me I like both him and Boyle but he is very much a pure pass catcher who Notre Dame is so known for. While Boyle remind me of Gronk from his style of play I do think that Koyack may be a better pure offensive weapon.

Kevin White TCU
He had a nice game that was really topped off by his interception but unlike Quandre Diggs I really noticed him in coverage and he impressed. I like him and I really liked hearing Charles Davis and Mike Mayock comparing him to former TCU teammate Jason Verrett because he had a decent rookie season despite being hurt for most of it. And when watching him I do see some similarities I also compare him to a Brandon Flowers who also happens to be on the chargers like Verrett.

Quandre Diggs Texas
He was a bit more of a side note to me but he made a really nice interception that definitely warrants a deeper look scouting wise. Also its always nice to have bloodlines with his brother being long time San Diego Charger Quentin Jammer. Aside from the fact all I have talked about this article is Charger Cornerbacks, Diggs could be interesting.

Tyler Varga Yale
When the buff Yale kid scored 2 touchdowns I took notice. Tyler Varga did impress me in the Senior Bowl because he showed the potential to be the next Marcel Reece. While it is more than likely he probably won’t he definitely has the potential. I really like his versatility and I compare him to Marcel because I would define him as a fullback but I personally would throw him all over the field. I really think that Varga can be a piece of the puzzle for the right team.

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